Erotic Angel: My guy to me ...

Erotic Angel: My guy to me ...


This is Miss M :-)

I suggest you read the interview I conducted on Erotic Angel

Erotic Angel: My guy to me ...

Erotic Angel Hello, pleased to welcome you and leave you to introduce yourself to our readers ...

  • Hello, we are a married couple sharing many passions that we share, there is, among other things, music, walks, bikes or photo ...
    But more than anything else, that we share in all circumstances, it is this passion that we feel for each other for over twenty years and we have another one that combines very well with our love is that the picture of charm and erotic ... This is the alliance was born the desire to create our website which is a tribute tender, respective and respectful, as a reflection of what unites us the to each other.
    We do not claim that our model more photographer, whether amateur or professional, and therefore we have no claim. For us photography is first and foremost a passion that we practice and pleasure each of our photos is for us imprint of emotions and feelings that were ours at the time of the shooting. In addition, they are the only witnesses of those moments where past present, as they will be the ones to come !!!


In your opinion, what is the part (erotic) from your body that your "man" you prefer?

  • It is not in my opinion but he is always told me, my man prefers it like seeing my shoulders discoveries. He enjoys stroking and deposit small kisses. If it is that it is not part of the erotic body, for him it is something sensual. As some may be passionate about pretty feet, he it is by my shoulders. This is certainly not a pair of buttocks or breasts, but as in all things eroticism is a matter of taste and personal discretion.


And you, what do you prefer home?

  • Personally, what I like best about him is undoubtedly its small pair of buttocks. See wandering buttocks in the air made me literally fall, I love to admire so much that I sometimes chew. I find small, firm, well designed and it gives me real pleasure to caress them, cover them with kisses that never leaves insensitive to my delight.


What you would be willing (or go far) to make him mad with desire and excitement?

  • Since we've been together a long time, we have experienced many things and I can say that I now know how to make mad with desire and excitement. To put it in all its forms all in an attitude and a provocative and flirtatious at the same time behavior. My pleasure is to see his excitement. I do not ask myself the question of what I will be ready or how far I can go, because it would set a limit for me to determine. It is in complicity with him that I act and this is the complicity between us which poses itself limits which vary according to our desires.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done for him? And he has ... you already did something crazy to seduce you?

  • I cross the craziest thing I did for him it is a first step to make the photo charm but above all for agreeing to set up a website to expose them. Today I can say I'm happy because it gave me more confidence in me, it allowed me to feel more fulfilled and that brings still more pepper and complicity between us.
    For him I can not quote something crazy in particular, in fact he is crazy and he never ceased to amaze me to seduce me since we are together. It will have traveled for miles and miles on foot to see me just one hour to spend sleepless nights on the road to spend the day with me, to give me a hundred roses on the day of our engagement to agree to ask, too, with me pictures of charm.


The place or situation that makes you dream or fantasize as to make love with your partner?

  • My fantasy to make love with him it would be two things, in a blocked off for the occasion and in the pouring rain elevator, the ultimate make love in an elevator in the rain !!! But here it goes beyond the fantasy, this is madness.


What would you change in him sexually?

  • I especially want to change anything in my man or sexually, or on another plane. I know it is not perfect but what I want is that it remains as it is, he loves me and still wants me so much. And as I see in his eyes that spark of emulation, excitement and love, I'll be satisfied. On the other hand the purely sexual level I'm happy and he knows how to put me in all my statements and take me to knock on the enjoyment.


What are the words you like to hear from his mouth when he makes you love?

  • I love to hear his heavy breathing close to my ear, her moans excite me. I feel like the contract, squeeze me harder, keep my wrists firmly. It is an attitude, a behavior that make me the effect of words.


Have you ever simulate pleased with him?

  • I've never had to simulate my pleasure, he knows how to ride my desire like a fire that kindles. He knows to wait until I enjoy the first and then come join me in my pleasure. And if that is not the case, which is rare, I find it unnecessary and unhelpful for him to simulate the more I am convinced that the feel and it would hurt. Know he prefers not to have managed to make me come to realize that I'm faking. It is obvious that in addition to the fact not enjoy does not mean that I do not take pleasure.


Was your best memory of him?

  • One of my best summer memories with him is the escapades we were in the forest and we made love.
    More recently it was during our summer on the northern beaches where we introduced to naturism holidays and made love in the dunes.


Do you ever go out without panties in the street to the surprise?

  • Yes, of course I sometimes go out without panties not only surprise but also to excite when he finds out. Plus I know he likes it a lot, especially when I'm wearing a mini skirt and from the moment he knows he never misses an opportunity to reach under my skirt and tease my privacy.


Question, "Jean-Pierre Marielle" So ... happy?

  • Not only am I happy, but I can say that I am very very happy. With it I was able to develop myself as a woman and our love life is quite a change for me as much as a woman than as a couple. We like each other all that is necessary to maintain and cultivate trying to get out of everyday life. For example by adding spice to our love life by sharing different passions like the picture of charm.

Thank you, Erotic Angel, for giving us this lovely time with you

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